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Kate will work with you one-on-one in her Founder Advisory Call package. The 60-minute call focuses on understanding your current challenges, exploring your business goals, and setting a clear, accountability-driven pathway to take the next step. We'll work on removing any blockers to allow you to scale your business in a manner that’s authentic to your personal journey too.

“Kate impresses me with her real-talk, wisdom, and generosity. She offers the kind of life lessons and cautionary tales that only an experienced tech founder like herself could offer.”
— Mary Lai

“Wow, I’ve just finished my call with Kate and I’m very happy. She was honest and gave me some valuable feedback.”
— Stefanie Dos Santos

“Got million dollar answers.”
— Fangda Qiu

“Kate’s long list of experience arms her with all the answers and great advice you need to make progress and overcome your current challenges.” — Alicia Monasso

Getting started

Once you've booked, please send through your:

  • Company name
  • URL if live
  • A one-sentence summary of what your product does
  • What you'd like to focus on during the call